A 'tapori' is a vagabond who is at ones peak.


A 'tiffin' is a container to transport home-made meals.


I started the Tapori Tiffins kitchen project as an action comment on the monoculture we accept on our plates.


The project is run as a self-financed, collaborative initiative to explore alternative models of sustainable food production and distribution.


Sourcing ecological, vegan, Skanian produce, my kitchen provides artisanal foods that rely on slow cooking techniques.


Sustainably yours,

Zeenath Hasan


Ongoing project: Countering food waste in Malmö> Rude Food Malmö >>

Past projects: See activities >>



M U S E / V I G I L L A R

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___Mats-Eric Nilsson's 5 part book series on a fickle food industry and on responsible food consumption >>




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tis-fre 11-14

(from 1 April 2015)


Indian Cooking Course

lor 10-12

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Pop-Up Saturday Brunch

by Rude Food


(from 21st March 2015)




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