Your restaurant visit is a performance of your everyday choices in life.


I started the Tapori Tiffins kitchen project in July 2013 as an action comment on the monoculture we accept on our plates.


A 'tapori' is a vagabond. A 'tiffin' is a light meal.


Inviting likelies into my kitchen, I co-plate the irreverent on the dining



In this care-fully performed choreography of eating and cooking I rehearse the future with you,

Zeenath Hasan



All rights reserved. Tapori Tiffins since 2013.

Tapori Tiffins is an independent artistic research initiative that explores the social implications of food systems.


My works involves prototyping possible gastronomical futures by performative integrations of seemingly diverse agencies.


You can experience my works through pop-ups, workshops, installations, public lectures, research publications and ready meals.



Your social food badass,







All rights reserved. Tapori Tiffins since 2013.